Shot Scope V2 GPS Watch & Performance Tracker

Shot Scope V2 GPS Watch

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Shot Scope V2 GPS Watch + Performace Tracking

In ‘as new’ condition & in perfect working order.

Comes with original packaging, instructions & download cable.

16 club tags & tag bag. D, 3W, H1, 4i, 5i, 6i, 7i, 8i, 9i, PW, GW, LW, SW, P, X1, X2

Note – The ‘P’ putter tag has been slightly cut down but still fits securely in the putters we tested it on thats in our stock.


For Details & Specs on this product from Shotscope at time of launch please see below:

Set Up, Play, Upload, and Analyse with this highly accurate golf improvement tool. The GPS watch offers dynamic yardages to the front/middle/ and back of the green, from a database of 40,000 golf courses worldwide, with free firmware updates.

The detailed mapping of the courses provide highly accurate distance calculations, based on real time location and angle of approach.

The V2 not only provides you with accurate GPS, but has the ability to track and monitor your performance.

Performance tracking and access to 100+ statistics allows you to make well-informed decisions, to focus on how to improve your game. Brian and Hamish highlight the benefits they reaped from using V2.

The V2 Smart GPS Watch Features:

Highly Accurate GPS to F/M/B of the Green (dynamic yardages)
Performance Tracking / Interactive Performance Dashboard
16 Club Tags / Highest Grade Smart GPS Chip
Play 40000 Worldwide Courses / with No Subscription Fees
Automatic Tracking & Data Analysis

This system comes with 16 club tags to enable automatic club recognition, allowing you to track and analyse your golf game through an interactive performance dashboard.

This gives the golfer better insight to your rounds of golf, whether on a mobile or desktop, giving you access to over 100 Tour-level approach, short game, tee shots or putting data, to assist you tackling your weakness and improving your golf game. This system conforms to the rules of golf.

Product Details:

1 x Shot Scope Watch
16 x Lightweight Tags
1x USB Cable
Free iOS/Android App
8 Hour Battery Life

Face Dimension:

Length: 65.0mm
Wdth: 39.0mm
Depth: 144mm

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  • Brand: Shot Scope
  • Model: V2
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  • Shaft flex: N/A
  • Shaft material: N/A
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  • Condition: Good
  • Defects: Light Signs of Use

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