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Used Fairway Woods


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Second hand fairway woods

Our premium fairway woods are the perfect addition to your golf bag, all of which show exactly the condition of the club, with a price to reflect, we pride ourselves on our honest pricing, it’s the only fairway after all. We ship to most of the UK & Mainland Europe, and offer a 14 day trial period and a 90 day warranty on all of our golf clubs. In addition to this, each picture you see is of the actual club, no stock photos or editing is used, providing you with an honest depiction of the club you’re purchasing.

Whilst your fairway woods may not be the most used clubs in your bag, they’re vital at certain times, and when you need them, they should always be ready to give you that great shot. Fairway woods are perfect for taking your golf game to the next level, expanding your collection and improving your game. Our trusty fairways come in various flex’s and specifications and from some of the sport’s leading brands.

Fairway woods buying guide

Fairway woods cover a wide range of different types and specs. 

They can form a small or large part of your bag depending on how well you get on with this style of golf club.  

The first decision when looking for a fairway wood is deciding what you want to use it for. If you want another option off the tee a strong lofted 3-wood (13-15” loft) could be a great option for hitting more fairways but bear in mind this loft may limit how and when you can use it off the deck as only a perfect fairway lie will produce a consistent strike. 

They seemed to go out of fashion a few years ago, but the 5 & 7-woods are making a strong comeback in the last year or so and offer a more versatile option to the 3-wood whilst also being easier to launch and more forgiving than long irons.

You have 14 clubs to play with in your bag so you don’t have to limit yourself to one fairway wood, indeed many bags will have at least 2 but some have as many as 4 or 5. 

Be clear on what you want the wood to do, how far you want it to go and then see if you like the look of the head shape on offer from the different manufacturers. 

It might be that there is a matching fairway wood to your driver, which could be a great idea as this will be a familiar shape to your eye down at address. Many shafts also run through models so again you may be able to find a matching shaft to your driver or other woods. 

An important element in a person’s choice of club is often getting the right shaft, meaning the correct flex and weight. In terms of flex, it’s vital to match your individual swing speed with the flex of the club. This will ensure that the club face meets the ball at the correct time. Matching your swing speed to the correct flex is fairly simple, and the guidance tends to be that swing speeds under 75mph will be best suited to Senior (A-flex) and Ladies flex. Between 75mph and 90mph will match a regular flex. Over 90mph swings will be best matched to a stiff flex, and over 110mph will need an X-stiff flex.

The weight of the shaft is the other factor which you need to consider when it comes to finding the correct shaft, as this can maximise consistency and distance. If you prefer a light shaft, you will likely find that you swing really hard, whereas a heavier shaft will enable you to better feel the positioning of the head during your swing. This comes down to personal preference, so experiment with varying flexes and weights to find the best fairway wood for your game.

Fairway woods form an important part of any golfer’s bag and can be the key to scoring well, hitting greens in regulation and reducing your handicap. 

If you’re unsure which fairway woods are right for you, then contact the team full of fellow golf enthusiasts who will be happy to advise on 0330 128 9899.

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5 Stars Brian Bamford
Excellent service & it was in fantastic
condition would definitely recommend
Golf Geeks will be using them again
cheers for your help Matt.
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The club received was as described and
the service was excellent.
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Great selection of clubs. Fast delivery really
pleased with clubs. Definitely recommend.

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Item arrived as described, very happy. The communication throughout has been great and very helpful. Thank you!
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I needed a set of clubs to get back in the
game, quickly found Golf Geeks, good
selection & prices.. clubs in great condition.. can highly recommend Matt and Golf Geeks
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Very pleased with both my driver & 3w, great value for money and excellent service, would thoroughly recommend. Returning customer as a result of Golf Geeks first class service..

5 Stars M D
Customer service excellent. Keep me
updated with my purchase which I am
happy with. Have recommended the site
to my other golf friends. Would definitely
use the site again.
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Received my titleist 3w on time, exactly
as described in excellent condition.
Outstanding value for money. I will
definitely be using Golf Geeks again..
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Great service, fast delivery and top quality equipment. Highly recommended supplier of golf gear & clubs.
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Excellent service with prompt delivery
and regular updates from the team.
Would definitely recommend.
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