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Second Hand Fairway Woods

Our premium fairway woods are the perfect addition to your golf bag, all of which show exactly the condition of the club, with a price to reflect, we pride ourselves on our honest pricing, it’s the only fairway after all. We ship to most of the UK & Mainland Europe, and offer a 14 day trial period and a 90 day warranty on all of our golf clubs. In addition to this, each picture you see is of the actual club, no stock photos or editing is used, providing you with an honest depiction of the club you’re purchasing.

Whilst your fairway woods may not be the most used clubs in your bag, they’re vital at certain times, and when you need them, they should always be ready to give you that great shot. Fairways woods are perfect for taking your golf game to the next level, expanding your collection and improving your game. Our trusty fairways come in various flex’s and specifications and from some of the sport’s leading brands. If you’re unsure which fairway woods are right for you, then contact the team full of fellow golf enthusiasts who will be happy to advise on 0330 128 9899.

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