Oliver Hill

Oliver is your typical business man, trying to cram in a round of golf whenever he can around work and family commitments. This hasn’t always been the case. His journey to fully fledge ‘Golf Geek’ has been quite swift.

Oliver is a fairly new amateur golfer at the age of 39 he has come to the game quite late as he’s been playing for just over 3 years and is quite proud to be a 13 handicap. He’s always quick to point out how instrumental PGA Pro Pete Bower’s coaching has been to this achievement.

There is a bit of golfing pedigree in his family with mum, Diana Hill, former ladies captain of Royal Norwich and his Grandfather, Raymond Shearing, a 4 handicap, winner of a number of local amateur championships but perhaps most impressively still playing this year at the age of 97, & still getting pars as well!
When Oliver heard about Golf Geeks he was blown away immediately. Both the instant pricing tool for the golf shops to offer trade-ins instantly combined with a world class retail website selling premium brand golf equipment, at a fraction of the cost of new, to the general public was a package too irresistible to resist.
Oliver’s passion for golf and his passion for business makes him a great addition to the Golf Geeks team. He, along with his family, have been involved in many business start-ups. Most notably Angling Direct Plc, arguably the UK’s largest retailer of fishing tackle.

Oliver is founder & chief business booster at Hill Coaching Company who specialise in making clients workplaces a happier & more profitable environment. Hill Coaching Companies portfolio of clients is vast from multi-national corporations to one man start up’s.

Oliver is married to Caroline & has two awesome kids, Matthew (21) and Rosie (14).

Oliver Hill (1)

“To call me a Golf Geek probably doesn’t do it justice. If a gap in my schedule pops up then my first thought is ‘can I squeeze in a round of golf’. Life can get stressful and people need to find a way of switching off, when I’m on the course there is only one focus, that little white ball.”

“If you aren’t going to pay new club prices then this is the next best thing. Don’t spend what is still quite a lot of money on inferior quality brands when you could have premium brand second hand ones! Golf tech has changed a lot in the last 10yrs & so buying equipment that’s a few years old is a massive improvement.”

“I wouldn’t feel confident heading off into the land of ebay or Gumtree and taking the risk of ending up with a set of lemons. Just like I never select ‘private seller’ on Autotrader! I want the reassurances that comes from buying from an established company. You get this piece of mind from a Golf Geeks purchase.”


“I wish I’d had a Golf Geek in my corner before I hastily committed to buying equipment that was wrong for me. Everyone at Golf Geeks is a golf nut & are happy to discuss your individual situation & offer advice to help make sure you end up with equipment that’s right for you.”